24-Hour Salesperson/Associate Broker Renewal Package - $64*

This group of 8 classes includes all required categories and electives, and includes the 2019-2021 Code of Ethics.  Click to View Details or Purchase 24-Hour Package

30-Hour Broker Renewal Pkg - $68*

This group of 10 classes includes all required categories and electives for Designated Brokers, Self-Employed Brokers and Delegated Associate Brokers.  It includes all 3 Broker Management Clinics (BMCs) as well as the 2019-2021 Code of Ethics.  Click to View Details or Purchase 30-Hour Broker Package

9-Hour Broker Management Clinic (BMC) Package - $42

This group of classes includes all 3 required BMC classes for Broker Candidates.  The classes in this package are already included in the 30-Hour Broker Renewal Package (above); you do not need to purchase both!  BMCs may also be purchased individually; see course listing at right.  Click to View Details or Purchase 9-Hour BMC Package


*Select a package if you need all (or most) of the classes to renew your license. Classes are available to take for 1 year from the date of purchase, in this license cycle or the next, so long as they are completed within 1 year.


In this column, you may select classes one at a time from the list below.  If you need all of the classes to renew (or more than just a few), you will come out better financially by selecting from the first (pink) column.

Agency Law

Online-Agency Elections, 3 hours AL, $14

Contract Law

Online-Conquering Contracts, 3 hours CL, $12

Commissioner's Standards

Online-Code of Ethics - Current 2019-2021 Training Cycle, 3 hours CS, $14

Online-BMC #1 Statutes and Rules, 3 hours CS/BMC, $15

Online-BMC #2 Broker Policies, 3 hours CS/BMC, $15

Online-BMC #3 Supervision, 3 hours CS/BMC, $15


Online-Risk Shifting, 3 hours D, $14

Online-Disclosure Issues, 3 hours D, $14

Fair Housing

Online-Fair Housing Decisions, 3 hours FH, $14

Legal Issues

Online-Regulatory Review, 3 hours LI, $12

Online-Real Estate Laws, 3 hours LI, $14  


All Online Course Providers classes may be used for Elective credit, however, you may only submit a class one time, in one category, per educational cycle.  This means you may EITHER use the class for a credit category, OR as an elective, but not both.


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