Renewal Requirements

Use the table at right to determine how many hours of continuing education you need to renew your real estate license and in which credit categories those hours must be taken.

If you took classes in the grace period for your previous renewal, contact the school before registering.

You may take classes and upload your classes to at any time within each 24-month educational period.  License renewal is done within the last 90 days of the license period.

Before you register for classes or renew your license, you must know your real estate license number.  Your license number starts with the letters "BR" for brokers and "SA" for salespeople, followed by 9 numbers.  It is NOT your NRDS number, nor is it your MLS ID number.   You may find your real estate license number by accessing the Arizona Department of Real Estate Public Database at

Below are some excerpts from the ADRE law book, which may provide additional clarification regarding renewal requirements.

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* Refer to Substantive Policy Statement No. 2005.14 to find out if a Fair Housing Substitute course may be taken.

** AAC R4-28-402(A)(4) - A salesperson renewing for the first time may include credit for attendance at the Contract Writing class taken under A.R.S. § 32-2124(L) if taken within one year before the date of the salesperson's original licensure.

*** AAC R4-28-402(A)(4) - A broker renewing for the first time may include credit for attendance at the Broker Management Clinic under A.R.S. § 32-2136 taken before the broker's original licensure date.

**** Electives may be in any category, including General.  Electives can be any approved class you have not already taken in the two-year education period.  You may not receive credit for taking the same class twice in any two-year period.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For information on a specific situation, please contact the Education Department at Arizona Department of Real Estate at with your questions.